Trump Now Facing Conservative Backlash As Melania’s Immigration History Comes Out

The entire Trump family has been exposed once again as a bunch of hypocrites!

President Donald Trump has built his political career on one issue in particular – immigration, and specifically on the idea of cracking down on illegal immigrants who come here to work. However, we are now learning that First Lady Melania Trump has questionable immigration history of her own.

A group of political organizers is launching an investigation into Melania Trump’s immigration background, following reports that the First Lady worked in this country illegally about 20 years ago.

The immigration controversy points to the fact that Trump is a total political hack – he wants to kick people out of America for working without authorization, yet his own wife did exactly the same thing when she came to this country to be a model.

The group known as the Democratic Coalition is moving forward with legal proceedings aimed at uncovering the truth behind Melania’s illegal immigration history.

“After learning that Mrs. Trump might not have followed the law on her path to U.S. citizenship, the Coalition decided to take action,” Democratic Coalition officials said in a statement. “How ironic would it be if Mr. Trump, who has largely based his presidential run on his ridiculously extreme proposals related to illegal immigration, had actually married an illegal immigrant.”

The New York Daily News reports:

Amid a growing chorus of people seeking to see Melania Trump’s visa documents, an anti-Trump political action committee announced Friday it was filing a public records request in order to get her immigration records.

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to make public the potential first lady’s immigration papers after recent questions about whether she broke the law by working in the U.S. on a visa that would have prohibited it.

… Her original U.S. modeling agent said Thursday that he brought her to New York in 1996 on an H1-B visa, leaving it unclear what legal status she had in 1995 when she posed for nude pictures that surfaced this week. Those photos indicated she was working in the U.S. earlier than she’d previously admitted.

Next time a Trump supporter complains to you about illegal immigration, make sure they see this!

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