Shocking Truth Emerges About Scaramucci’s Replacement; 28-Year-Old Hope Hicks

Americans are outraged as we learn the background of a rising operative in President Donald Trump’s inner circle.

White House adviser Hope Hicks was recently promoted to the role of White House Communications Director, which was left open when Anthony Scaramucci was forced out earlier this year. Insiders say Hicks is one of Trump’s closest advisers, even though she has absolutely no experience in politics or government.

Hicks has built a reputation for shutting down the press and putting extreme limits on the information that is made available to the public. In other words, she is exactly the opposite of what a communications director should be.

The Independent reports:

Hope Hicks, 28, may be named President Donald Trump’s White House communications director shortly. But before joining Trump’s campaign, she had no political experience.

… Hicks started working on what would become Trump’s campaign five months before Trump announced his presidency, after he famously rode a golden escalator down to the lobby of his tower on June 16, 2015.

That makes Hicks the campaign staffer who has persisted in Trump’s inner circle the longest. She outlasted his first campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and several senior advisers

If Hicks is promoted to communications director, you can be sure that the Trump administration’s history of lying and concealing the truth is going to continue.

Read more, from the Independent:

People close to her describe Hicks as a friendly, loyal fighter. Trump has called her a “natural” and “outstanding.”

While reporters who have worked with Hicks say she’s polite, they have expressed frustration that she was often unreachable on the campaign trail, not responding to requests for comment, or denying access to the candidate.

… During the campaign, Hicks spent most of her days fielding reporters’ requests and questions — even reportedly taking dictation from Trump to post his tweets.

During the campaign, Hicks stayed in a free apartment in a Trump building, though she’d often go home to her parents’ house in Connecticut when she could.

These days she’s in DC. Trump named her his assistant to the president and director of strategic communications in December.

Trump has no idea what he’s doing and he has surrounded himself with even more people who have no idea what they’re doing. Sad!

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