Reince Priebus Announcement Suggests He’s Cut a Deal with Robert Mueller

New evidence has emerged that strongly suggests former White House staffer Reince Priebus has cut a deal with federal investigators in order to save his own butt.

Priebus left President Donald Trump’s administration earlier this years following months of controversy. Now Priebus is signaling that he may have cut a deal with special prosecutor Robert Mueller in order to avoid facing criminal charges himself.

Political experts suspect that Priebus has flipped on Trump and his other former White House colleagues – that means he’s providing evidence to investigators, in exchange for legal immunity.

The reason for the recent speculation about Priebus is the fact that he recently took a high-profile job with a powerful law firm. Journalists tracking the situation say that strongly suggests that there’s been a line of communication between Priebus and Mueller.

“Based on Priebus’ own words today, there’s no longer any real question that he has indeed cut some kind of immunity deal which has left him legally in the clear,” investigative journalist Bill Palmer wrote.

Palmer Report reports:

A law firm with two hundred and fifty attorneys on staff doesn’t hire a new president who’s facing any possibility of being charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice. Even if Priebus were confident he won’t be charged based on his own gut feeling, there’s only one way the firm could know for sure.

In other words, with near certainty, Reince Priebus has cut a deal with Robert Mueller which makes it 100% certain that Priebus won’t be charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice. The only way Priebus could get that kind of deal is if he’s given Mueller the kind of useful testimony that will allow Mueller to nail Trump for obstruction. We more or less knew that when his testimony lasted a full day. Now we know it for sure. This also raises immediate questions about two other key witnesses.

Trump’s tower of corruption is falling apart! It’s only a matter of time before he’s thrown out of office once and for all.

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