Gen. John Kelly Reportedly ‘Livid’ With Jared Kushner, Demanding Immediate Removal

White House Adviser Jared Kushner is entering his final days in the Trump administration, according to the latest reports coming out of Washington D.C.

President Donald Trump’s closest advisers are telling him that he needs to eliminate Kushner from the White House altogether, according to insider reports. Sources believe Kushner, the husband of First Daughter Ivanka Trump, will face extreme consequences for his involvement in the Russian scandal.

Trump administration Chief of Staff John Kelly has reportedly become one of Kushner’s biggest critics from within the administration. Kelly is reportedly “livid” over Kushner’s ongoing scandals and he is on a mission to have Trump’s son-in-law removed from his position.

Additionally, Kushner is facing mounting legal troubles of his own – both related to his real estate business, and his involvement with the Russian election hacking controversy.

Axios reports:

Members of President Trump’s outside legal team believed Jared Kushner should step down, due to the scrutiny he was under from the Russia probe, and went so far as to draft a statement explaining his departure, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Members of the legal team took that advice to Trump in June, per the Journal, including in a White House meeting. Trump wasn’t convinced, with one source saying the president thought his son-in-law had done nothing wrong.

… Trump’s lawyers were anticipating news of the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer — and Kushner’s presence at it — would emerge (it did on July 8) and “had developed talking points to manage the political fallout, including a statement that would explain a potential Kushner resignation.”

This news is just the latest development in a long series of stories about the Trump administration being totally dysfunctional. There have been constant reports that operatives inside the Trump team are fighting with one another and that nothing is getting done.

It is embarrassing for all Americans that we even have to suffer through something like this. No previous president has faced so many accusations of corruption and election misconduct.

Trump should be removed from office as soon as possible so that America can begin moving on from this terrible national nightmare.

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