Trump Team in Chaos Mode After New Polling Data Slams Administration

President Donald Trump has just received the worst news of his entire political life.

The Trump administration’s overall job approval rating has now fallen to 38 percent, which pollsters are calling the lowest point yet in his short presidency so far. Most Americans – not totaling 58 percent – say they disapprove of Trump’s job performance.

Never before in American politics have we seen a president fall so fast and so quickly. Most presidents at least maintain some level of appreciation through their first year in office. Not Trump, though – Americans are already fed up with his stupidity.

“I think we could be seeing signs where there’s a little bit of fraying of the Trump base,” one top political pollster reported told the Wall Street Journal.

Read more, from the Wall Street Journal:

The survey found a dip in his support among political independents—and signs of erosion among some of the president’s core voters.

In particular, his job approval among white women who don’t have a four-year college degree stands at 40%, compared with 54% who disapprove. That is a sharp swing from the previous month, when 50% approved and 46% disapproved.

… Rank-and-file Republicans are still largely lining up behind the president. While 36% of people in the survey viewed Mr. Trump in a positive light, nearly 80% of Republicans or those leaning toward the GOP held a favorable view of the president.

Some 54% of people over all and 13% of Republicans said they held an unfavorable view of the president.

There is no doubt that the latest polling numbers are sending Trump into a rage. He is absolutely obsessed with his public image, and the fact that Americans can’t stand him is sure to make him furious.

At this point, it’s only a matter of time before our representatives in Congress catch on to what the American people are already saying – Trump has absolutely no place being our president, and he should be removed from office as soon as possible!

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