Trump Sec. Ryan Zinke’s Shameful Pay-to-Play Plot Just Got Shut Down

One of the most corrupt deals to come out of the Trump administration is about to get squashed.

We recently learned that a tiny company in Montana got a surprise $300 million deal to perform recovery projects in Puerto Rico, and Americans were outraged to learn that company has close ties to Trump administration Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

In the latest development the Puerto Rican energy department is now saying it will immediately cancel the agreement with the Montana-based contractors, after facing days of intense scrutiny about the deal.

The most outrageous thing about this whole ordeal is the fact that more than a million people in Puerto Rico are still living with access to electricity, and many do not even have clean water. Meanwhile the Trump administration is wasting everyone’s time and money with politically corrupt schemes.

Zinke and Trump were immediately accused of dirty tactics after the two-man business in Zinke’s hometown was awarded the massive government contract.

This whole situation smells extremely fishy. The Montana company, Whitefish Energy, is more than 3,000 miles away from Puerto Rico and the contractors have absolutely no experience with projects of this scale.

It should be obvious to everyone that Secretary Zinke and others within the Trump administration were inappropriately pulling some strings in order to get this huge contract. It really makes you wonder who else was getting paid as part of this sketchy deal!

The Hill reports:

PREPA and Whitefish signed the deal with no competitive bidding process in late September, and the contract guaranteed that FEMA “has reviewed and approved” it — a characterization the agency denied.

Questions about the contract prompted two congressional investigations, a Department of Homeland Security inspector general audit, a review by Puerto Rico’s government and numerous calls for more investigations.

More than a month after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, most of the territory’s residents — U.S. citizens — remain without power. As of Sunday afternoon, just under 30 percent of the island had electricity, according to a website maintained by the Puerto Rican government.

This is not surprising, but it is infuriating nonetheless. Time to clean house in Washington D.C.!

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