Breaking: Federal Indictments Expected for 2 More Top Trump Admin Figures

More criminal charges are expected against top Trump administration officials in the coming weeks, according to insider reports coming out of Washington D.C. in recent days.

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller recently announced that former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort and two other political advisers are now facing official allegations that they laundered huge amounts of money through phony  international corporations. Two of the men have already plead not guilty, but the evidence against the Trump organization is growing.

Even though the current charges are limited to three individuals, experts say there are clues that more charges are coming. This announcement is certain to be a major turning point in the effort to take down the Trump presidency.

Now multiple sources are telling the media that there are additional charges and indictments expected against members of the Trump’s inner circle. Some reports suggest that “dozens” of additional cases are waiting to be rolled out as part of Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s corruption allegations.

Details are still emerging, but reliable sources say at least two additional Trump figures can expect to be indicted sooner than later – Trump himself, and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Patribotics reports:

  • Donald Trump – indicted on RICO over the Felix Sater and Bayrock case, and on other charges which sources have requested we do not report.
  • Mike Flynn – indicted for failing to register under FARA, the Foreign Agents’ Registration Act, as an agent of Turkey whilst National Security Advisor

“While we are able to report that Special Counsel Mueller is holding dozens of sealed indictments, many of which were returned while James Comey was Director of the FBI, we cannot report with specificity who is indicted on what charge other than the two above, because sources were not specific. We have reported on the investigations suspects are facing, and these are listed below,” the Patribotics posted in its latest update on the situation.

Manafort and other top Trump operatives are finding themselves right in the middle of all the legal scandals and controversies facing the Trump campaign and the White House administration. All along, everyone involved has tried desperately to avoid taking accountability.

However, this is only the beginngin – more charges are coming. Stay tuned!



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