“SAYS ONE THING AND DOES ANOTHER” – Trump’s Secret Plan To Destroy Health Care For The Middle Class

Honest is not one of President Donald Trump’s strengths.

Policy experts say the plans Trump has laid out in the past several weeks will likely have the opposite effect that Trump is promising. Most of his proposals are actually hidden plans to remove resources from poor and middle-class families and give them to the rich.

A new report is raising serious questions about Trump’s health care plans in particular – analysts discovered that the vast majority of new health care spending would benefit wealthy families. In addition, the Trump administration is threatening to remove funding that provides valuable medical cures. Huffington Post reports:

Trump spoke about the need to make child care “accessible and affordable” by ensuring that new parents have paid family leave. That a Republican president included the issue in his speech ― and found applause from House Republicans seated in the chamber ― is remarkable in its own right.

But the plan Trump has proposed allocates resources to the families who need them least. According to an estimate by the Tax Policy Center, 70 percent of the benefits included in the plan will go to families making more than $100,000 per year.

“The devil is in the details, and if these are the details, they are devilish indeed, leaving behind those most in need of leave and least likely to have access,” Ellen Bravo, co-director of Family Values @ Work, told HuffPost on Tuesday.

Trump envisioned a nation in which “cures to illnesses that have always plagued us” are easily found. A smart way to accomplish such a goal would be to boost funding for scientific and medical research at agencies like the National Institutes of Health. Trump’s planned budget, however, would raise defense spending by $54 billion at the cost of $54 bilion in non-discretionary spending, which includes funds for scientific and medical research.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) addressed some of Trump’s inconsistencies in a speech on the Senate floor.

“His actions don’t match his words. His words in the campaign are not matched by his actions. His words in his inaugural speech are not matched by his actions,” Schumer said on Wednesday.

Trump is a total fraud.

He has spent the last year making big promises to the American people, and sadly millions of our friends and neighbors fell for it. Now he’s in office and he clearly has no intention of delivering on those promises.

It is time for all Americans to wake up and realize that Trump is not working for us – he’s working against us.

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