One Chart That Destroys Republicans’ LIES About The Obama Years

During the election, Donald Trump and the Republicans constantly criticized President Obama and the Democrats for the so-called bad economy.

Donald Trump was lying: The truth is that the Obama administration designed one of the greatest economic turnarounds in U.S. history.

The Democratic Party stuck Trump with the truth on Thursday when they tweeted out the one simple graphic that proves Trump wrong.

That’s right – President Obama was able to stop the Bush-era job losses and lead America to huge levels of private sector job growth.

Obama accomplished that, even though we all know Republicans tried to block his plans every step of the way. National Public Radio described the Obama economy well when they said, “chugging along, slowly but surely recovering.”

For some perspective, here’s how big that job growth was: Obama averaged 109,000 jobs per month. That’s far better than either President Bush experienced … the Obama recovery has been moderate, but remarkably steady.

Contrary to Trump’s lies, he inherited a stable and growing economy from President Obama – more jobs and higher wages throughout the country. Now we just have to make sure President Trump doesn’t screw it up.

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