CONFIRMED: Trump Met Directly With Top Russian Spy – Administration Has Been LYING

Bombshell reports coming out of Washington D.C. this week are taking the Trump-Russia scandal to an all new level.

President Donald Trump is now confirmed to have met in person with the Russian diplomat who analysts say is a “top Russian spy.” Trump and his team have consistently denied that claim in the past several months, but new reports show that Trump was lying.

Here’s the truly shocking part – evidence of Trump’s meeting with the Russian diplomat has been in clear view, right under our noses. A Wall Street Journal report published last May detailed the interaction between Trump and Russia’s Sergey Kislyak.

A few minutes before he made those remarks, Mr. Trump met at a VIP reception with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak. Mr. Trump warmly greeted Mr. Kislyak and three other foreign ambassadors who came to the reception.

This is just the only meeting between Trump and Kislyak that we know about for sure. It is entirely possible that there were secret meetings we don’t know about yet.

The meeting last year happened shortly before a major foreign policy speech delivered by Trump. That brings up the obvious question – what kind of influence did the Russians have over Trump’s foreign policy positions during the campaign?

The newest developments have set of a massive shockwave throughout the federal government. It’s more clear now than ever that Trump’s days in office are limited.

Huffington Post reports:


President Donald Trump and his advisers have, on dozens of occasions, denied Trump’s campaign aides and other associates had any contact with Russian officials.

Those denials were not true. At least five members of his team met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak before Trump officially took office.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to mitigate the spiraling situation last week, telling reporters the main issue was that Trump himself had never met with any Russian government officials during the campaign.

… Trump has been unable to move on from his administration’s ties to Russia after U.S. intelligence agencies concluded the Russian government had interfered in the U.S. election to help Trump defeat Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. So far, there is no evidence of collusion between Trump’s team and the Russian government.

But the administration has taken hits as reports come out that some of the president’s top campaign officials met with Russian officials, despite denying they had done so. Michael Flynn stepped down as national security adviser in February over the issue, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently promised to recuse himself from the Justice Department’s investigations into Russia’s meddling in the presidential race after The Washington Post reported that he had met with Russia’s ambassador twice during the campaign.

Millions of Americans are hopeful that this will be the scandal that finally puts an end to Trump’s embarrassing chapter in American history.

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