Video: Trump Has MAJOR MELTDOWN During Press Conference

VIDEO BELOW: This is one of the most bizarre ordeals yet for the new administration.

President Donald Trump had a major meltdown during a press conference on Thursday, when he ended up making personal attacks against reporters in the room.

Trump fired back and forth with reporters for more than an hour. Journalists on the scene said Trump seemed unstable and erratic throughout the meeting, quickly switching back and forth between cordial and angry. The Washington Post reports:

Though the president began on a subdued, almost melancholy note, looking down repeatedly to read from prepared remarks on his lectern, he became more fiery and animated — joyful, even — when he began to banter and joust with the assembled reporters. At times, he seemed to reprise some of his favorite themes from the campaign trail, complaining about Clinton and criticizing President Barack Obama’s policies, from his Affordable Care Act to his failed reset with Russia.

Trump repeatedly lambasted the “fake news” media — which at one point he upgraded (or downgraded) to the “very fake news” media — while promoting some dubious claims and fake news of his own.

Pressed on his incorrect assertion that he had the largest margin of victory in the electoral college since President Ronald Reagan, Trump blamed faulty facts.

“I was given that information,” he said. “Well, I don’t know, I was given that information.”

As you can see, Trump was caught telling a complete lie. But instead of owning up to it, he tried to brush the blame off onto others.

VIDEO: See highlights from Trump’s press conference meltdown:

Thursday was just the latest incident in a long series of fights Trump has had with the news media. Trump frequently made personal attacks at reporters on the campaign trail. At one point, he angered millions by mocking a physically disabled New York Times journalist.

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