He Wishes He’d Never Said It…Trumps Press Conference Rant Has SERIOUS Consequences.

President Donald Trump had a major breakdown during a press conference at the White House this week and reactions are pouring in from around the country. VIDEO: Watch the highlights from Trump’s bizarre press conference.

Trump was erratic during his meeting with reporters on Thursday, making personal attacks on journalists. More than once, Trump was caught telling lies and wouldn’t take responsibility. Sadly, that’s what most Americans now expect from our new president.

But now even Republicans are throwing up their hands at Trump. CNN released a blistering report following the press conference, quoting several anonymous Republican lawmakers who say they aren’t sure how to respond to Trump’s reckless behavior.

One Republican lawmaker said, “The people that love him will love him more, the people that hate him will hate him more and the people in the middle probably will look at it the way that we look at in Congress, which is that’s just the new normal. That’s just the s*** that happens. I don’t know how else to manage it.”

And another Republican lawmaker said, “I don’t know if that’s just who he is or the environment of what he came from. I think long-term, you have more success by building the relationship component first. But he’s been able to obviously win and do some things there with that tough guy brashness there. I’m hoping at some point, the benefit of that is that it augments us enough that we’re able to drive some policies through for us.”

Republicans right now hold control over the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and the White House. However, Trump is clearly losing control over his Congressional majority.

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